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Rolex watches are icons of luxury like a Porsche, Chanel dress, or Louis Vuitton bag. The secret to this manufacturer’s success lies in their consistency: The design of the Rolex Oyster series has barely changed over the decades. Improvements to minute details are often only noticeable upon second glance. This strategy has allowed the watches to become classics, making them easily recognizable and raising their collector’s value. These watches retain their value in large part due to this timeless and consistent design. The situation is similar for other well-known Rolex models such as the Daytona, Day-Date, Datejust, and Submariner.

Rumor has it that the Geneva-based manufacturer sells approximately one million watches each year, meaning they turn over almost two and a half billion USD. They also introduce more gold into circulation than any other watch manufacturer.

Rolex’s reputation is also supported by the fact that they’ve remained independent and their watches are almost fully crafted in-house. Many other well-known watch manufacturers belong to large concerns. Another secret to their success is their discreet company policy: Tours of their factory workshop are rare, the CEOs seldom give interviews, and their annual profits are kept private.

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